Accepted file formats for project attachments (CREST Silver and Gold Awards)

Accepted file formats for project attachments (CREST Silver and Gold Awards)

Below are accepted formats that you can upload for your CREST Silver or Gold project attachments in the "Attach File" task that is required for further advancement in your application process. 

Document Formats

  1. Portable Document Format File (.pdf)
  2. Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
  3. Microsoft Word Open XML Document (.docx)
  4. Microsoft Excel Document (.xls)
  5. Microsoft Excel Open XML Document (.xlsx)

Image Formats

There are two accepted formats for image files:
  1. JPEG Image (.jpg, .jpeg)
  2. Portable Network Graphic (.png)

Video Formats

In the case that you wish to attach a video as a file, there are two available formats that are accepted.
  1. Audio Video Interleaved (.avi)
  2. MPEG-4 (.mp4)
NOTE: Using the Linked Media attach type, you can copy a link to your YouTube/Vimeo media instead.

Audio Formats

There are two formats available for audio files:
  1. MP3 Audio File (.mp3)
  2. WAVE Audio Format (.wav)

Linked Media Formats  

This attachment type allows you to upload videos that are stored in an outside source. The two formats available are:
  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
Applicants will be able to link their YouTube/Vimeo media in order for the media to be considered with their application.

File Sizes

When it comes to file sizes we typically suggest a maximum file size of 1000MB. The smaller the file size, the faster it will be to attach the file. Files that are too large may experience difficulties while attaching or downloading the file in the site.

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