At home: Can my child still get a CREST award if they're going back to school?

At home: Can my child still get a CREST award if they're going back to school?

If your child has started a CREST project or completed some CREST Star or SuperStar activities but have now returned to school, there are different options for ensuring they get their CREST Award.

Continue CREST at school

Tell your child's teacher that your child has started working towards a CREST Award and that they would like to see things through to completion. Their teacher could take over the oversight of the project - whether during curriculum time or as part of extracurricular activities. 

Continue CREST at home

Why not continue CREST at home? You may need to reorganise when your child works on their project, for example to after school or on the weekends, but they could continue working on their project as they have been doing. You can continue to oversee your young person's project, watching them work hard and develop their skills and project.

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