At Home: How can I get a mentor for my CREST Award?

At Home: How can I get a mentor for my CREST Award?

For Silver and Gold Awards, it can be very helpful for students to work with a mentor on their project.

We encourage students to access support from a mentor who works in a STEM field related to their CREST project topic. Mentors can play an important role in CREST projects by offering their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to help inspire children and students. They can open a window into what working in STEM can be like. 

Mentors are not a requirement when taking part in CREST,  however, they are strongly recommended at Gold level, preferred at Silver, and optional at Bronze and Discovery levels. To find a mentor for your project, you can:
  • Request support through the STEM Ambassadors Scheme. The UK STEM Ambassador scheme offers a huge pool of STEM professionals, who have all undergone checks with the Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service, or the PVG Scheme in Scotland. Request a STEM Ambassador via STEM Learning. 
    • Teachers, youth group leaders and activity organisers are able to request online STEM Ambassador support
    • STEM Ambassadors must be requested via a school or another organisation (e.g. a youth group) for safeguarding reasons
    • STEM Ambassadors Offers now available: 'Offers' allows STEM Ambassadors to put together an activity based on their own expertise and offer it to teachers and youth groups leaders. Teachers or youth group leaders can then accept an offer, arrange a date and time with the STEM Ambassadors and automatically create an activity from this conversation. Any questions, please speak to your localSTEM Ambassador Hub
  • Contact local universities - they often have a public outreach department

The British Science Association supports I’m a Scientist, Stay at home. It's a free, online STEM engagement activity which provides a safe, moderated space for people to find out more about science from scientists. Register here to take part. Students with questions about a topic may find this resource useful for speaking to experts on a specific topic.

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