Can I use my CREST account on mobile devices?

Can I use my CREST account on mobile devices?

You should be able to access your projects on mobile devices, although please bear in mind that some features, such as file upload, may work differently on mobile.

If mobile access is important to you, please let us know. Your feedback will help us prioritise new features for CREST.

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    • Which browsers work with my CREST account?

      We support the following browsers: Windows Google Chrome (latest version) Mozilla Firefox (latest version) Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer 11 If you use Internet Explorer 9 or 10, you can continue to access your CREST account, but you will see a ...
    • How do I change my CREST account email address

      You can change the email address associated with your CREST account in account settings.
    • Can I use my own activities for the Star and Superstar CREST awards?

      The CREST Star and Superstar awards are typically completed by 5-11 years olds (this age range is just a guideline). Students should complete a series of 8 challenges, recording them in a passport and building up to a Star/Superstar award. Activities ...
    • I’m leaving my current organisation, how do I hand over my projects?

      You can transfer your Survey Monkey Apply account to a new owner.  Go to Account settings, and update the name and email as needed to reflect the new owner of the account. Make sure you give the new owner your account password too. 
    • How do I assess a Bronze project?

      CREST Bronze requires students to demonstrate skills including problem-solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication. To achieve a Bronze Award, each student should record the work done on their project either in a CREST ...