Problems completing signup

Problems completing signup

Discovery and Bronze projects only

Some users have reported problems with activating their account.

When you click your verification link, you should see a green message on CREST, saying verification is successful. You should get a welcome email shortly afterwards.

If you don't see these things, the verification step has failed. If you try to log in you'll get a message saying the account hasn't been activated. 

Our developers are investigating this problem. 

If you’re affected by this issue you could try opening your verification link in the Chrome or Firefox browsers.

If you still can't complete your registration, please contact CREST support so we can complete registration on your behalf.

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      Discovery and Bronze projects If you are using your CREST account to manage CREST projects, you can transfer your account to a new owner.  From the CREST menu, go to Account settings.  Change the name and email address to the ones for the new project ...
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      Our CREST online service is very new. While we’ve tested it thoroughly, some bugs may still be in there. If you see something that looks a bit broken or just a little odd, please let us know.  Please send your feedback via the CREST Help Centre.
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      CREST Discovery requires students to demonstrate skills including problem-solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication. To achieve a Discovery Award, you should confirm on your CREST account that each student has: ...