CREST and Children's University

CREST and Children's University

The British Science Association is pleased to announce that CREST is now working with Children’s University. This means that activities done through CREST can now are now be recorded by anyone with a Children’s University Passport to Learning!

Children’s University is a charity that encourages, tracks and celebrates children’s participation in activities beyond the normal classroom curriculum. It is currently running in over 1,000 schools with more than 100,000 children aged 5-14 holding a passport. If your school is part of the Children’s University and is also running CREST, you can give children credits in their passport as you would for other school activities. CREST and Children’s University have agreed:

  • One completed resource at Star or SuperStar level = one stamp in the Children’s University passport
  • One completed project or resource at Discovery level = five stamps in the Children’s University passport
  • One completed Bronze, Silver or Gold Award  = ten stamps in the Children’s University passport

If your school is not part of the Children’s University and you’d like to find out more about registering, visit to find your nearest centre


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