CREST Appeals Process

CREST Appeals Process

We want everyone to have a fair and positive experience of CREST.
Below is the appeals process for the review and correction of mistakes or inequalities that may have been made.

Process for appeal:
  • Check the grounds for appeal, below.
  • Email with your stated grounds for appeal and project ID.
  • We aim to check your project and get back to you within 6 weeks.
Grounds for appeal:
  • System admin error.
  • Prejudice or bias that can be evidenced. You should clearly set out the reasons for the claim of bias and, if possible, provide supporting evidence.
  • Suspected plagiarism has not occurred. You should state which section(s) of the project you are claiming as your own work, providing evidence that shows that plagiarism has no occurred.
  • Other malpractice.
We do not accept appeals on the grounds of:
  • Disagreement with the academic judgement of the assessors or the application of the assessment criteria. Details of the assessment criteria can be found on the Help Desk.
  • Insufficient feedback. If you feel there is insufficient feedback from your assessor please contact us at the address below, we will review your assessment and provide additional feedback if appropriate.
  • Forgetting to upload profile form or project report – if you notice this before assessment and email us in time, we may be able to add this to your project prior to assessment. Otherwise you will need to pay the £5 reassessment fee.
  • Uploading multiple projects to one submission – if you notice this before assessment and email us in time, we may be able to adjust this prior to assessment. Otherwise you will need to pay the £5 reassessment fee.

You can email with any feedback about CREST Awards or this process.
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