CREST Certificate Delivery Times

CREST Certificate Delivery Times

Certificates delivered to UK addresses usually arrive within three - four weeks of receipt of payment (and in the case of Silver/Gold awards, successful assessment). If your payment is not referenced correctly then this may delay your certificates being posted (and in the case of Silver/Gold awards, delay assessment).

International postage may take longer. 

Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates are ordered every two weeks - we only order certificates that have been successfully submitted, paid for and assessed. This approach allows us to deliver you high-quality personalised certificates while keeping CREST entry fees as low as possible. 

Email to find out when our next certificate order will be placed.
Please include your project ID and invoice number when paying an invoice. This ensures your certificates are processed as efficiently as possible.

Certificates are posted via Royal Mail Second Class delivery. If you would like to arrange First Class or couriered delivery, please email Please note, we cannot guarantee these options will be available - if they are available, there will be an associated cost for these services.

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