CREST is switching services – here’s what you need to know

CREST is switching services – here’s what you need to know

At the end of March this year, we transitioned from the system we currently use to manage and assess CREST Star, Superstar, Silver and Gold Award accounts and projects to another. We made this transition because at the end of March our current operator closed down the platform we used indefinitely. 

The new system is almost identical to the current one, meaning pre-existing users can simply log in on the new platform with the same details. 

What does this mean for my/my students' data?

As FluidReview (the old CREST platform) and Survey Monkey Apply (the new CREST platform) are both owned by Survey Monkey, there is no change to how your data is handled or who the data processor is. You can view Survey Monkey's privacy policy here. The British Science Association remains the data controller for the CREST Awards. View our privacy policy here.

What this means for your CREST Award account

If you had an account on the old system, you will be able to log in using the same details on the new platform.

What this means if you had a Star, SuperStar, Silver or Gold project that was not yet complete

If your project was sitting in the 'Application round' (you had started adding details but had not submitted or paid) then we were unfortunately not able to transfer your project to the new system. You will need to start the application again.

If your project was in any of the following categories, it will be transferred to the new system shortly. We are manually uploading these projects; please bear with us while we complete this process.
Project categories that will be transferred:
  1. If you had requested an invoice/paid an invoice and payment was pending due to being processed on our end
  2. If you had submitted and paid, and were waiting for an assessor to look at the project
  3. If you had been offered an upgrade or downgrade to a different level and were deciding if you wanted to accept, or were waiting to decide if you wanted to resubmit
  4. If you had been asked to resubmit and were in the process of uploading additional work
  5. If you had been asked to resubmit more than once, and were waiting for the CREST team to get in touch with you

What this means if you had a previously completed project on the system

If you had a project that was complete on the old system you will not be able to see it in your account on the new platform. However, the CREST team keep a record of all students who have achieved a CREST Award in line with our retention period. As long as the Award was completed within our retention period, we will have a record of all students who have achieved an Award.

Discounts and voucher codes 

Since the new system is very similar to the old one, voucher codes can still be used after the transition. 

For more information, please contact 

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