CREST Resource library

CREST Resource library

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      Running normally.
    • At Home: How to run CREST Awards

      CREST offers parents an easy-to-run system for at-home learning that is child-led, and encourages young people to take ownership of their own projects. You don't need to have much knowledge about science to run CREST at home. Sign up for a free CREST ...
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      Running normally.
    • How do I use an accredited partner resource/activity to gain my CREST Award?

      This support note is intended for teachers/facilitators and students who have either already completed, or are going to complete, a resource/activity/competition/scheme run by one of our partners which is also suitable for the CREST Awards. A full ...
    • CREST at home

      CREST activities are a fantastic opportunity for your children to be engaged in fun science-based activities at home with very few resources. Below we have highlighted some links to help parents run CREST at home. Although some of our guidance refers ...