Submitting for CREST Awards and the Big Bang Competition

Submitting for CREST Awards and the Big Bang Competition

Did you know you could receive extra recognition on your Big Bang project by submitting for a CREST Award? Or vice-versa?  The British Science Association and Engineering UK are working together to enable you to submit your project for both!  Click here for full details. 

The Big Bang Competition is a a national science and engineering competition for 11-18 year olds. Projects are submitted online, and prizes are awarded at the Big Bang National event in June.  

How to submit your CREST Award project for the Big Bang competition or vice-versa

Matching CREST Award levels with Big Bang categories 

Below are the CREST Award levels and the Big Bang categories which they roughly align with:

CREST Award LevelCategoryEngland & WalesNorthern IrelandScotland
Bronze - 10 hours workJuniorYears 7-9Years 8-10Years S1-S3
Silver - 30 hours workIntermediateYears 10-11Years 11-12Years S4-S5
Gold - 70 hours workSeniorYears 12-13Years 13-14Years S6

Take a look at each level’s criteria to learn more about what is expected, to check your project meets the criteria and that it’s the right Award level for you: 

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