At Home: How do CREST Awards work?

At Home: How do CREST Awards work?

CREST is easy to run for parents, and you can adapt our simple, easy to understand  framework to use at home.

  • Start by choosing an Award level: Star, SuperStar, Discovery, Bronze, Silver or Gold. The amount and complexity of the work needed to gain an award increases at each level. Other than Silver and Gold, all levels can be assessed by parents or caregivers.

Find out more about choosing an award level.

  • Your child picks a single project or series of challenges that will allow them to meet the criteria for their selected Award level. These projects can be around any STEM topic or theme. We have lots of fun, engaging and rewarding project ideas that you can use if you want inspiration. All CREST project ideas require very few resources, but we have curated a collection of project ideas that are ideal for completing at home.

Find out more about choosing a project idea.

  • Guide your child through the project - we have lots of resources available to help you with this step.
  • For Star, SuperStar, Discovery and Bronze awards, you assess your child's work and confirm that it meets the CREST criteria, using our platform. For Silver and Gold Awards, you will need to send in your child's work for assessment. (They can also submit it themselves if they are over 16 years old.)
  • To receive your award certificates, you need to enter your child for their Awards and pay their entry fees. For Silver and Gold Awards, you need to pay the entry fees before we can assess a project.

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