How do I change the project title?

How do I change the project title?

The project title is printed on CREST certificates for Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. You’ll want to make sure it’s correct before you order your certificates. 

Discovery and Bronze Awards

If you have not yet paid and ordered your certificates, you can edit the project title from your CREST dashboard. 

Find the project you want to change, and choose Manage Project. On the top row of the project page, you’ll find a link to Edit project info From there you can change the project title.

Silver and Gold Awards

If you have not yet proceeded to payment, you can change the project title yourself. Open the project you want to change, and edit the form Tell us about your project

Please note that  completing the payment process will submit your project (pending payment) and you will not be able to make any edits to your submission after this. If you’ve already moved on to payment, you can’t edit the title yourself. We may not be able to edit the title either, if the certificates are already with our printers. If necessary we can arrange for reprints, although we may charge for this service. 

Please contact CREST Support and we’ll see what we can do. 

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