How do I remove students from a project?

How do I remove students from a project?

Star and SuperStar Awards

You can add or remove students at any time during the entry process by editing the numbers in Tell us about your group, so that you are charged the correct entry fee and sent the correct number of certificates and badges.

Please note, in the UK there is a minimum order size of five CREST Star or SuperStar Awards due to the cost of postage. For projects outside the UK, there is a minimum order size of ten CREST Awards due to the cost of postage.

Once you move to the payment stage you are no longer able to edit student information.

Discovery and Bronze Awards

If you opted for personalised certificates, to edit the student names you will need to delete and re-upload the spreadsheet. 

If you have already marked this task as complete you may need to contact CREST support to re-open this part of your application.  Please note, if you have already been invoiced we cannot guarantee that you will be able to make changes to your student information.

Silver and Gold Awards

You can remove students information at any time during the application process by editing your answers to Tell us about your group.
Please remove the student information from the relevant row of the table, and move up information from the other student rows if necessary.
Then change the number of students, so that you are charged the correct entry fee.
Once you move to payment you are no longer able to edit student information.

Anonymous students

For Star, SuperStar, Bronze and Discovery, you can easily submit students anonymously. For Silver and Gold if you would like to submit a student anonymously please contact CREST support.

If you’ve previously added a student to a project, and you need to hide their identity, contact CREST support. We can remove their name from the system.

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