I haven't received my CREST Award certificates

I haven't received my CREST Award certificates

For Discovery and Bronze Awards we print and post your certificates once you’ve paid your entry fees. 

For Silver and Gold Awards, we print and post your certificates once once our assessor has confirmed that you've successfully achieved the Award. 

Our printing process for personalised certificates means that it can take up to two weeks from this point for your certificates to be printed.

For Star and SuperStar Awards, we post your certificates and badges once you've paid your entry fees. 

See also CREST Certificate Delivery Times

Delays in certificate delivery are usually due to delays in payment of entry fees. If you’ve passed your invoice to someone else for payment, we suggest you check with them first. 

If you’re certain your entry fees have been paid, please contact CREST support and we’ll investigate. 

Note that it can take up to 7 working days for payments to reach us, depending on the payment method.

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