I think my project is somewhere between Silver and Gold, should I submit for both levels?

I think my project is somewhere between Silver and Gold, should I submit for both levels?

Do not submit your project twice.

You will need to pay for assessment for both and it is unlikely we will be able to provide a refund unless the project has not yet been assessed.

Our assessors are aware of the requirements for each level. When assessing, if they think a project should be awarded a higher or lower level, they can offer the option of upgrading/downgrading or resubmitting. This means submitting your project for 2 different levels is pointless, as it will either be awarded an appropriate level or you will be asked to resubmit.

The differences between Silver and Gold Awards are highlighted below:







Silver Awards stretch students and enrich their studies. Students develop their own project idea and gain experience of the scientific process. At Silver level, students begin to develop and lead the project, start to consider the broader impact of their project and demonstrate an innovative approach.  







Gold Awards allow students to conduct real research. Students’ contribute something new to the scientific or technological community or to a particular field of study. At Gold level, students take decisions about how to progress in their project, they develop and lead the project with some support, students discuss the implications of their project and demonstrate an innovative approach.  

If you are not sure, see our help note on Choosing the Right Award Level
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