Certificate delivery

Royal Mail strikes and your CREST certificate orders

Further postal strikes are planned until early December 2022 which will regrettably affect the delivery of CREST Award certificate orders. 

Currently, the typical UK certificate delivery is taking between five to six weeks, rather than three to four weeks, and more deliveries are being lost in the post. 

To help mitigate postal delays, we have arranged additional certificate print runs, which will take place weekly, rather than twice a month.  In addition, if customers are prepared to pay the related costs, we can arrange for certificates to be sent via first class post, or courier, rather than second class post. Please email crest@britishscienceassociation.org, including your project ID, to arrange and pay for first class or courier delivery.

Please note that orders despatched before, or directly after strike days, are likely to experience the most significant delays. So if you have time you may wish to cross reference the specific strike days with our CREST certificate print run schedule

For reprint requests, please kindly allow five weeks for delivery, from the first print run date after you place your order. 

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