Troubleshooting - adding students to your CREST account

Troubleshooting - adding students to your CREST account

If you are having trouble uploading your students' data, please check these points before contacting CREST Support.

Have you clicked upload?

It sounds simple, but it happens more than you think! Once you have selected the file, you need to click the Upload button at the bottom of the page. Some people need to scroll down to see this if their screen is small.

Have you used the correct file? 

Make sure you are using the file that is downloadable from the website and that you have not edited the headings at all. If you use the incorrect file, or change the headings in the download, the website will not recognise the file when you try and upload it.

Is the file in the correct format?

Make sure that the file does not have blank rows between data, or that you have not filled in the first name and surname, which are required columns. If your file has either of these issues you will not be able to upload it as the server will not recognise the format.

Has the file saved as an Xls. not CSV?

The file you download is a CSV. Sometimes when people save it it will automatically save as an Xls file. You can tell because the file title will end with .csv or .xls. If it has saved as an xls file you need to click File, Save As, and choose CSV. 

Has the data in the file merged?

Open the file you are trying to upload and look at the data. Is it all neatly in separate columns or has it merged together? If it has merged together you need to
  1. Click on Column A's heading to select the whole column
  2. Choose the Data tab at the top of the screen
  3. Choose Text to Columns - This should separate the data out and allow you to upload the file
If none of these solutions work, we advice downloading a new file and starting again.

If you’re still having issues, please contact CREST Support.

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