Using CREST for university or job applications

Using CREST for university or job applications

When you’re applying for university, for an apprenticeship or for a job, you can use CREST to enhance your application. The CREST awards are a well-regarded, high-quality and a tangible recognition of success.

Talking about the skills and experiences you have gained through CREST in your UCAS personal statement can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Admissions tutors and potential employers will want to know what you’ve done, and more importantly what you learnt from it (not just about the subject but also skills). This helps them understand the way you think, so tell them about your CREST project and how you think you have grown from the experience.

10 questions to help you reflect on your CREST experience:

1.      Has it given you relevant experience for the course(s)/job you are applying for?
2.     Have you learnt anything especially valuable/useful, or has it supported your academic learning at school/college in a specific way?
3.     Has it had a positive effect on your motivation /grades or changed your attitude to school/college or your future education/career?
4.     Has it improved your problem-solving, communication, teamwork, analytical or presentation skills? These are the kinds of skills employers look for.
5.     Has it helped you improve your practical skills or self-confidence, have you gained more from any other work experience, part-time job or extra-curricular
            activities that you do?
6.     Has it demonstrated your enthusiasm for gaining new skills, learning new things or engaging with new experiences?
7.      Has it shown that you are the kind of student who enjoys independent, self-directed learning or project work that goes beyond the syllabus you study at             school or college?
8.      Has it given you a valuable insight into a specific career or helped you decide what you want to do in the future?
9.      Has it proved that you are the kind of person who will make the most of your time at university or contribute to wider university life?
10.     Has it given you any new ideas that you might want to pursue or develop at university?

UCAS uses plagiarism-detection software to ensure that your statement is your own original work so don’t be tempted to copy and paste – it’s better if it’s your own words!

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