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            1.1 The student set a clear aim for the project and broke it down into smaller objectives

            Award level
            Criteria breakdown
            The student defined and clearly communicated the overall aim of their project and broke it down into smaller, achievable objectives.
            The aim for this project is to investigate the causes and consequences of dehydration and learn more about what oral rehydration treatments are made of. My objectives are:
            1. To complete a successful investigation
            2. To learn more about a new topic
            3. To practice my practical science skills
            The student communicated their project aim in broad terms, and specific objectives that were required to achieve the aim. They showed a clear understanding of the differences between the two.
            Aim: To investigate which crisp is the ‘healthiest’ by assessing fat and salt.
            1. Research the consequences of a diet high in fat.
            2. Review existing brands of crisps and consider their health claims e.g. ‘low in fat’
            3. Design and complete an experiment to extract and measure the fat and salt in crisps and compare to the values on the packet.
            4. Survey students to discover favoured crisp brands and link this to fat content. 
            The student expressed their project aim in broad terms. They explained how they know will know they have been successful in achieving the aim. Also, they set out specific and measurable objectives for the project.
            The aim of this study is to determine the extent of psychological impact on athletes who have been diagnosed with an Inherited Cardiac Condition (ICC). The results of this study could be applied in a clinical setting to ensure that the multifaceted effects of a diagnosis are addressed and that where there is likely to a psychological impact, patients are given the appropriate level of support that may be required after diagnosis. 

            I will have achieved my aim if:
            1. I have quantifiably shown whether being diagnosed with ICC psychologically impacts athletes or not.
            2. I have determined the extent of the effects on athletes, both short and long term, and compared the impact with other conditions or events that psychologically impact an individual e.g. trauma or loss.
            3. I have proposed potential methods of supporting patients that may require support after diagnosis.

            1. Research and choose (or devise) a scale to assess the level of psychological impact on the individual;
            2. Research methods of gathering data e.g. surveys;
            3. Design a suitable way to assess the level of psychological impact;
            4. Identify suitable patients to take part in the study;
            5. Carry out research and gather sufficient data; 
            6. Analyse the data; and
            7. Form any conclusions and discussion points from the data.

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