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            1.2 The student explained a wider purpose for the project

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            The students explained the wider purpose of the project and gave some examples of real-world applications. 
            This project is important as dehydration is an issue across the globe. Developing better treatments may help thousands of people.
            The student considered the broader implications of their project in depth e.g. societal or commercial benefits beyond the direct application.
            This research is vital for future improvements of aircraft, wind turbines and other power systems. The properties of the three-dimensional vortices may allow for more efficient aeronautical structures, which could revolutionise flight and energy systems.
            The student showed comprehensive understanding of the wider context of their project. They explained how the project fits into this context and the possible direct and indirect implications of their work.
            We feel our project is important because we want to make society and our classmates aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and seeing the consequences such as Coronary Heart Disease and type 2 diabetes.

            It’s also important because companies are making huge profits by selling products as ‘healthy’ and ‘low fat’ even when the levels of fat are significantly higher than other snacks.

            We think this is especially important in secondary school because the more we educate people on nutrition at this key age in life, the greater the chance we could reduce rates of coronary heart disease and other associated conditions in later life. We also feel this is important due to the rapidly increasing rates of childhood obesity
            Updated: 15 Jul 2019 02:40 PM
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