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            4.3 The student showed creative thinking


            This criterion draws on Bloom’s taxonomy. 
            At Bronze level, the student showed evidence of working at the, “understanding” and, “applying” levels of cognition.
            At Silver level, the student showed evidence of working at the, “applying” and, “analysing” levels of cognition.
            At Gold level the student showed evidence of working at the, “analysing to creating” levels of cognition. 

            Award level
            Criteria breakdown
            The student applied their understanding of directly related subject matter and ideas to achieve the project’s aim.  
            I used my existing knowledge and research on aeroplane wings, to create the different designs for the wings of my glider (as seen below).
            The student analysed different aspects of the project and applied their knowledge to explore novel outcomes and solutions.
            In order to gather the data required, I needed a formula that [xxxxx].
            Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find such an equation.

            However, I could find several formulae that had the elements of what I needed:
            1. [Formula 1]
            2. [Formula 2]
            3. [Formula 3]
            I used these formulae to create the formula I needed:

            [Derived formula]
            The student analysed multiple aspects of the project. They developed existing knowledge and ideas from a related field, and/or combined and applied knowledge and ideas from seemingly unrelated areas to create a novel approach or outcome.
            In my project I collected both qualitative and quantitative data. While I could have analysed and written up this data by itself, I wanted to link my project back to its wider context and meet the project objects (see introduction paragraph 2).
            To do, this I accessed and processed open-source data from [xxxxx] which included data on [xxxx].
            I took this as an opportunity to use my computer science and coding skills to create a programme that combined data sets from multiple sources (quantitative data from my experiment and the open-source data), analysed the results and created a single output file.

            The code for my program is appendix A and the resulting output file is appendix B.

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