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            About the data we collect for CREST

            We are updating our privacy policies and privacy notices in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation. If you are signed up to either of our websites ( or or to our Educator or British Science Association newsletters, then you will be emailed with this new privacy policy (which will also be added to this page) before 25 May 2018.

            This article explains what data we collect for CREST, why we collect it, and how long we keep it. 

            If you have any questions about this topic, or you would like to see any data that we hold about you as an individual, please contact CREST Support

            Information about students

            We collect information about the students who are taking CREST Awards. We ask for information about students’ school, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and disabilities - but this information is not required to complete the awards.

            We use this information to understand more about the young people who participate in CREST Awards and the impact it has on their educational outcomes. We keep information that we collect about students who have entered CREST Awards for 20 years so that we can study the long term impact of CREST.

            We also use this data to improve the service we offer and to attract and retain funding that allows us to keep our entry fees as low as possible.

            As a teacher, youth group leader or other adult entering students for CREST Awards, you should only share information with us that you’re permitted to share, in accordance with your organisation’s data privacy and protection policies. 

            No student is required to provide any sensitive personal information to achieve a CREST Award. If you want to enter a student who needs to remain completely anonymous, please contact CREST Support.

            Sharing data with supporters

            We share our analysis of this information with supporters of the CREST Awards so that they can understand the benefits that their funding delivers for students. We also share our analysis with organisations who are considering supporting the CREST awards. Data shared in this situation is grouped and anonymous. No individual student could be identified from these reports.

            Sharing data for research projects

            Occasionally, we carry out larger studies where we match our CREST data to information held by other educational bodies, to assess longer term impact of the CREST Awards, including the Department for Education and HEAT (Higher Education Access Tracker). We use student name, school and date of birth to match records. We remove this identifying information as soon as we have completed the matching. We carry out subsequent analysis on the anonymised data. 

            Unique Learner Number (ULN) and Scottish Candidate Number (SCN)

            Unique Learner Number (ULN) and Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) are reference numbers that allow people to create and access a life-long learning record. In the future, people will be able to add all kinds of qualifications to these records, including extra-curricular awards like CREST.

            So that we can connect CREST Awards to personal learning records in the future, we have begun collecting ULNs and SCNs now. This information is optional. 

            Information about CREST account users

            We collect information about you as CREST account user so that you’re able to make use of the site. We also use this information to improve and personalise the service we offer to you.

            This information includes your name, email address, password, job title, and interests. For you to pay Award entry fees and receive your CREST certificates, we also collect invoicing and delivery addresses. 

            At present, we don’t collect or store credit or debit card details. All entry fees are paid through our payment processor Stripe, or via BACS transfer.

            We may share your information with our network of CREST coordinators so that they can support you in participating in CREST Awards.

            We retain the information you provide in your CREST account as long as your account is open. If you would like to close your account, contact CREST Support.

            You may also be interested in our Privacy Policy.

            Updated: 02 Mar 2018 03:15 PM
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