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            How do I assess a Discovery project?

            CREST Discovery requires students to demonstrate skills including problem-solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication.
            To achieve a Discovery Award, you should confirm on your CREST account that each student has:
            • Completed around 5 hours of work
            • Made a positive contribution to their team effort and engaged fully with the project.
            • Reflected on their learning using a CREST Discovery Passport
            The below criteria outline in more detail what counts as engaging and positively contributing to the project.

            Students demonstrate readiness to accept responsibility; flexibility; effective time management; motivation to improve their performance; and confidence when tackling tasks. Students describe their plan for completing the project and why they chose that approach, e.g. division of tasks according to skills in the team.
            Once set a challenge, students demonstrate they can break down their overall aim into smaller tasks, with support where necessary, recording this in their CREST passport. Students respect each other’s work and views; work collaboratively; negotiate respectfully; and positively contribute to discussions.
            Problem solving
            Students apply creative (imaginative) approaches when developing solutions.
            Students acquire new knowledge relevant to the task and apply it appropriately. Students identity different approaches to completing the project before selecting one to proceed with.
            Students follow written and verbal instructions (the brief); talk and listen to other team members; produce a structured presentation which relates to the original brief and reflects the creativity applied by the group during the day.
            Reflective practice

            Students demonstrate the ability to recognise the knowledge and skills that have been gained – where they could have worked more effectively and where they achieved or exceeded expectations. 

            Once you have marked your students as assessed on your CREST account you can request certificates.
            Have questions about your assessment?  Contact CREST Support .

            Updated: 29 Mar 2019 02:07 PM
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