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            Becoming an Assessor

            Thanks for you interest in becoming a CREST Awards Assessor.

            CREST Silver and Gold Awards are assessed by trained STEM professionals. They are from a range of backgrounds and have expertise in various subjects. The role is perfect for qualified STEM ambassadors too.

            What is CREST 

            CREST is a scheme where young people take on the role of a scientist or engineer through a wide range of projects and activities. 

            A fun, rewarding experience that challenges 5 to 19 year olds to take the initiative and explore real world problems that matter to them. Available at six levels (Star, SuperStar, Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold), CREST offers the opportunity to achieve a recognised award, develop life skills and question the stereotypes of what it is to be a scientist. 

            The role
            You will help develop students’ interest and attitudes towards science, along with their scientific and project skills, by assessing students’ projects via our online platform, providing constructive feedback and encouragement. Often, project assessment is the first-time students’ work is seen by someone other than their parents or teachers. They highly value the opportunity to share their work with someone with expertise or a career in the STEM sector.

            You will be paid per assessment completed,

            £4 per Silver assessment (30 minutes)

            £6 per Gold assessment (45 minutes)

            The option to carry out this role on a voluntary basis is also available.

            Subject to your availability, you can assess up to ten Silver Awards, or six Gold Awards per month or a combination thereof. 

            Full online training will be provided.

            For further details, along with a person specification, please see the job description PDF below.

            Any questions please email

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