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            Correct documents needed for a project

            A common issue are projects being submitted with the incorrect documentation included.


            A project submission (e.g. FR-12345678) needs to have:


            1x Project Report

            1x or more student profile forms. This is based on the number of students entered on the submission.

            Any other accompanying documentation. These tend to include powerpoints, data files, photos, supplementary research etc.


            If a project is missing a profile form, assess the project as best you can, mark it for resubmission, give the applicable feedback including a request for a profile form and send them to a link to the profile forms ( - must have an account to access). Note: If the project has passed, let the student know. 


            If a project has multiple reports in it, mark the project for re-submission, outlining that each project needs to be submitted separately. It is ok to have multiple profile forms, if there were multiple students working on one project.


            If someone submits without all the information, the assessor should assess it as best they can, provide feedback and then ask them to resubmit.


            Also don’t worry if the students submit out of date profile forms. The content hasn’t changed, just the logo. Just make a note of it in the feedback (so the teacher can get the new forms). They don’t need to resubmit because of old documentation.


            We have had quite a few projects pass recently with incorrect documentation, so vigilance is key here!

            Updated: 17 Oct 2018 04:20 PM
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