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            You should not mark down students for spelling/punctuation and grammar as long as you can understand what is written. We have to be aware of those students with learning difficulties along with those who are dyslexic and EAL. More to come on this topic.

            Common traits one will see is mixing tenses, swapping of letters, similar spelling/grammar anomalies throughout the project

            The criteria difference between silver and gold projects:

            Have a look at this table:



            Project has multiple reports in it?

            If a project has multiple reports in it by different authors, mark the project for re-submission, outlining that each project needs to be submitted separately. It is ok to have multiple profile forms, if there were multiple students working on one project.



            Make sure to use a professional tone at all times, not overly friendly, harsh or familiar. Don’t use excessive punctuation (e.g. !!!) and be sure to check the spelling of your comments. (Remember the ‘Your Feedback’ section is the only part the student sees, so make sure to summarise any comments you made against each criteria in this section)


            Quality of Feedback – Your feedback must be constructive, and give students clear steps on how to improve their project. It should acknowledge students’ efforts and work – regardless of whether a project has achieved a CREST award.

            The feedback should be comprehensive and well targeted, with a minimum of 1 positive comment overall and a comment for every criterion the student didn’t meet.


            Conflict of interest:

            If you know the student, mentor or anyone else you think are connected to the project please do report it and we’ll reassign it.


            Project assessment window:

            There is a two week window, starting from when you are assigned the project, to have it assessed by. If you cannot assess your projects within this time frame, please do let Angus know as soon as you can. All projects over two weeks old will be reassigned. January and February are the quietest months and May is the busiest. 

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