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            CREST entry fees for international students

            Which locations are charged UK or international prices?

            The prices of CREST Awards depend on where the projects took place. Our fees and funding page shows the different Award prices.
            Use the lists below to see which fees apply to your project.


            1. England
            2. Scotland
            3. Wales *
            4. Northern Ireland
            5. Isle of Wight
            6. Gibraltar
            7. British Forces Post Offices (BFPO)
            * For projects in Wales, Award fees are fully subsidised by the Welsh Government.


            Any location not in the UK list will be charged international prices. Below are international locations that frequently submit CREST projects.
            1. Republic of Ireland
            2. Isle of Man
            3. Jersey
            4. United States of America
            5. Australia
            6. China
            7. Vietnam

            Why are International fees more than UK?

            CREST Awards for UK schools and British schools abroad benefit from UK government funding, which allows us to offer Awards at a reduced price for those schools.
            International schools are not covered by this funding, and pay the full entry fee. The cost of international Awards can be viewed on our Fees and funding page.

            Minimum number of Awards

            For Star, SuperStar, Discovery and Bronze projects outside the UK, there is a minimum order size of ten CREST Awards. This is due to the cost of international postage.
            These ten students can be spread across multiple projects, so long as the minimum number of students is met or exceeded.

            Updated: 20 Jun 2019 06:24 PM
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