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            CREST for underrepresented audiences funding

            This grant round is open.

            Please read the instructions and scroll down for the link to apply.

            The CREST Awards Scheme is a programme that aims to provide as many young people as possible (in particular those who are currently under-represented in STEM) the experience of behaving like a scientist or engineer by leading their own science/engineering projects to prompt them to see science as part of everyday life and consider it as a career. It aims to break down barriers to participation for students and teachers – particularly for under-served communities, with limited access to existing quality STEM enrichment activity.  


            The CREST Underrepresented Audience Grants and funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and aim to broaden the reach of the CREST Awards and enable young people to gain CREST Award who might face additional barriers to participation.  

            The fund is open to schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (including special schools, Early Years education providers and pupil referral units).  

            Fee paying schools and selective schools are not eligible for this grant. 

            Applicants can request up to £600 total towards running CREST awards, this breaks down into two categories: 

            ·         Up to £300 to cover CREST registration fees (you can find Award costs here) 

            ·         Up to £300 to spend on support costs for running the Awards, such as CPD for school staff, supply teacher cover, CREST link schemes or a delivery partner, consumables or equipment. 


            What are the criteria? 


            To be eligible for a grant, you must represent a school that meets at least one of the following criteria: 

            ·         Is in England or Wales and has over 30% of pupils eligible for pupil premium or free school meals 

            ·         Is in Scotland, in areas in the top 30% most deprived according to the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 

            ·         Is in Northern Ireland, in areas in the top 30% most deprived according to the Northern Ireland Multiple Deprivation Measures 

            ·         Have over 30% of pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds; 

            ·         Be a small school based in a remote and rural location with a RURAL postcode.  


            * Remote and rural schools are in postcodes listed as any variation of ‘RURAL’ under the Government’s Rural Urban classification system. You can find your listing here.  


            Our priorities are to fund projects that strongly fit with the British Science Association’s mission: 

            ·         Involve young people who wouldn't normally choose to do science;  

            ·         Involve young people who are mostly in lower ability or mixed ability science sets; 

            ·         Propose activities which are cross curricular or involve collaboration between science and another subject area, particularly if it is outside STEM (e.g. history, art, music) 

            ·         Involves a whole year group or whole class participating in CREST; 

            ·         Projects which relate to the world of work, allowing students to apply science skills and knowledge to non-traditional science jobs (e.g. jobs in theatre, business, retail, travel + tourism, social care) 



            We aim for a broad geographical spread of grant funded events and we may prioritise grants from one region over another if necessary to achieve this. 


            Tips for applying for CREST grants 


            In order to write the best possible application for the CREST URA grant scheme, we would recommend that you consider the following:  


            ·         How you will use this funding to reach students that do not typically engage in STEM subjects. This may include all genders, ethnicities, students who are eligible for Pupil Premium, or who have special educational needs or disabilities. 

            ·         When the project work will take place and whether participation is voluntarily or compulsory. 

            ·         Which of the five priority areas above your project will focus on (it doesn’t need to meet all of these). 

            ·         The level(s) of CREST Award is most appropriate and how many students you expect to participate 


            What type of CREST project could you support? 


            We invite you to browse through our free CREST project resources and challenge packs for inspiration. They incorporate a range of science activities and experiments ranging across numerous themes to suit varying skills and age groups.  


            ·         For Discovery challenges (ages 10-14)   


            ·         Bronze, Silver and Gold Secondary project briefs (ages 11+) 


            You can also come up with your own project ideas; these could be linked to a curriculum theme, a local issue or other student interests. 


            What can the grant money be spent on? 

            Grant money can be used for resources to support the CREST Award projects. These could be consumables, equipment, field trips, speakers or other costs of activities. 

            Grants can be used for supply costs and CPD directly linked to the CREST Awards project. 

            Grant money cannot be spent on salary costs, and costs that are already covered by other funding.  

            What will we ask for in your application? 

            You will need to complete the final application using the online form. We will not accept applications sent as email attachments. 

            You will be asked to provide the following information in your application: 

            ·         A brief description of the CREST activity you are proposing to run 

            ·         How you will ensure disadvantaged young people are encouraged to participate 

            ·         How much money you are applying for (maximum £300 for resources); 

            ·         Details about what the funding will be used for.                                                           

            ·         The number of students you will run the Awards with? If you do not know exact numbers, please provide an estimate – this will be used to calculate the amount you receive for CREST Award fees. 

            ·         Details of the organisation bank account into which the grant will be paid at the time of applying for the grant including the account name, number and sort code. Providing your account details at this stage allows us to pay successful applicants immediately, so you can start your project promptly. 


            Financial information is stored on a secure cloud-based service and will only be used to pay successful grant applicants. Unused details will be deleted. Providing your account details at this stage allows us to pay successful grant applicants immediately, making it easier to organise events. 

            Please note, if the bank details supplied in your application are incorrect, this will significantly delay the payment of your grant and may result in the grant being withdrawn. Please ensure that you have the correct bank account details before applying. These should be the school/organisation bank details unless otherwise specified.  

            Deadlines and payments 


            The deadline for applications is: 


            Round 1: 5pm on Wednesday 16 October 2019. 

            Round 2: 5pm on Wednesday 22 January 2020 


            Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email. If successful, payment of the grant will be made directly into the nominated bank account. 


            Conditions of the grant 


            By applying for the grant, you are agreeing to the following conditions: 

            ·         You must use the grant to support CREST Award projects which should be completed by 31st July 2020. 

            ·         You must enter students for CREST Awards using the voucher code by 31st July 2020. 

            ·         You must complete an online teacher feedback survey (provided by the British Science Association) both before and after the project. 

            ·         You must enable students to complete an online feedback form (provided by the British Science Association) before and after the project. 

            ·         UKRI and the British Science Association must be correctly acknowledged in any press releases (please contact the British Science Association for additional information). 

            ·         The project must be STEM related. 

            ·         All projects, surveys and submissions must be completed by 31st July 2020.  


            If for whatever reason you are not able to use your grant for CREST Awards the grant money will have to be returned to the British Science Association. We will use our online platform for CREST submissions and the feedback surveys to monitor whether projects have been completed.  


            How to apply 


            The deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

            Apply here.

            How we use your data

            When completing the application form, please ensure that all email addresses, telephone numbers and bank account details given are correct. Any mistakes in these will delay payment of the grant. As we will communicate with you primarily by email, please ensure you give an email address that is checked regularly by the person who applies for the grant. 


            We understand that this type of activity planning may be different or new to your remit of work. If so, do not hesitate to contact the British Science Week team if you have any questions regarding the application procedure or what type of activity might be suitable for your audience. Please email 


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