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            The British Science Association believes that it is important to involve young people in decision-making and give them a voice on the issues important to them. Our CREST Youth Panel is a group of CREST Award holders aged 13 – 18 who input into the CREST scheme’s projects and those of our partners. Currently the scheme is working on a remote basis and members are engaging with the BSA by inputting on our work and working with us to improve our programmes.

            Members of the Youth Panel receive the following benefits during their time serving on the group:

            • The title of CREST Youth Advisor
            • The chance to attend influential CREST meetings and address stakeholders
            • The opportunity to represent the BSA at events around the country
            • The opportunity to develop new skills

            How to join

            To apply, you must be 13 – 18 years old, still at school or college and have completed a CREST Award.
            If you are interested in applying, you should read our participant information (attached at the bottom of this help note), make sure you have permission from your parents/guardian or teacher, and fill in the nomination form (attached at the bottom of this help note).

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