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            Criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold CREST Awards

            Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards must meet the criteria below appropriate to their level to achieve their award.

            Bronze projects should have around ten hours of work spent on them, Silver - thirty hours, and Gold - seventy hours.

            View our guidance on what's expected of projects to meet the criteria, with examples:
            1. Bronze criteria guidance
            2. Silver criteria guidance
            3. Gold criteria guidance
            Note, all project must comply with any relevant legislation, for example the gathering and use of people's data, animal testing laws, the safe disposal of materials etc. 
            The British Science Association refers to CLEAPSS on all matters health and safety related. View the CLEAPSS student safety sheets for guidance.

            CREST criteria

            1 – Planning the project
            1.1 The student set a clear aim for the project and broke it down into smaller objectives
            1.2 The student explained a wider purpose for the project
            1.3 The student identified a range of approaches to the project
            1.4 The student described their plan for the project and why they chose that approach
            1.5 The student planned and organised their time well
            2 – Throughout the project
            2.1 The student made good use of the materials and people available
            2.2 The student researched the background to the project and acknowledged their sources appropriately
            3 – Finalising the project
            3.1 The student made logical conclusions and explained the implications for the wider world
            3.2 The student explained how their actions and decisions affected the project’s outcome
            3.3 The student explained what they have learnt and reflected on what they could improve
            4 – Project-wide criteria
            4.1 The student showed understanding of the science behind their project, appropriate to their level
            4.2 The student made decisions to direct the project, taking account of ethical and safety issues
            4.3 The student showed creative thinking 
            4.4 The student identified and overcame problems successfully
            4.5 The student explained their project clearly, in writing or conversation 

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