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            FAQ 7 - Will a CREST award help me with my UCAS application?

            Yes – the CREST Awards are well-regarded by UCAS and are recognised as a high-quality and tangible source of skills and knowledge.

            When applying for university or for an apprenticeship, you can stand out from the crowd by writing about your CREST Award in your personal statement. CREST Awards are highly regarded by admissions officers and employers as having a CREST Award demonstrates an understanding of the scientific method. Also, having a CREST Awards shows that you possess useful skills, such as problem solving, creating thinking, decision making and project management.

            For more guidance, take a look at our 10 questions to help you reflect on your CREST experience

            Note: CREST Awards do not count towards UCAS points but are mentioned by UCAS on topics that students could talk about in their personal statement

            Updated: 15 Jul 2019 06:50 PM
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