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            Guidance on being a mentor

            Mentors can decide the level of their involvement – it does not have to be long-term or onerous. It can be as simple as dropping into a school/college to kick start and inspire students at the start of a project related to their career, all the way up to taking on a work experience placement student – the choice is yours!

            As a mentor you may help introduce young people to an area of STEM they might not normally have access to, help them understand good project processes, and hopefully open a window into what working in STEM can be like.

            No two projects are ever the same, and so the mentor role within each project may also be different. You could: 
            • Inspire the students with a talk or help set a challenge at the start
            • Provide expert information or be a point of access for specialist knowledge or techniques by dropping into an already on-going project
            • Help students develop their ideas or guide them as they examine their results 
            • Provide or help arrange relevant work experience or an industrial visit to your place of work.

            Updated: 23 Nov 2017 12:22 PM
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