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            How to create a Discovery or Bronze CREST Project

            To create a Discovery or Bronze project you must register on

            Creating projects in your CREST account

            If you’re using your CREST account to enter students for CREST Awards, this page explains how to get started. 

            To create a project for Discovery or Bronze Awards, you need to sign up or log in to your CREST account. 

            From your CREST Dashboard, choose Add new project.

            On the next page, select the right award level - Discovery or Bronze - and choose Continue.

            On the next page, you need to tell us about your project. We use this information to understand what kinds of projects people are doing to gain their CREST Awards. It helps us to create project resources that people will find useful.

            Title is the project title that appears on your students' certificates. It can be up to 70 characters long. If you aren't sure about the title now, you can change it later. 

            First name and surname are the student’s name as they should appear on their certificate. Please ensure these are spelled correctly as reprinting certificates will incur further costs.

            Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity, UP and Disability This helps us understand more about the students who participate in CREST Awards. Find out about why we ask for this data and how we use it.

            Subject is the school subject that best fits your project. You can create a CREST Award project on any subject - from textiles or geography to maths or chemistry.

            Project setting is the context where the project takes place. For instance, in lesson time, a school club, or other situation.

            Sponsored resources are specific resources created with our partner organisations. If you're using any of the resources on this list, please let us know. 

            When you're ready, choose Create Project. You will return to your CREST dashboard, where you will find your new project at the top of the list. 

            To work on your project, access resources, and add students, choose Manage Project on your CREST dashboard.

            Only the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory. The other data is optional, but it’s very helpful for understanding the kinds of students who take part in the CREST Awards. Find out about why we ask for this data and how we use it.

            Updated: 30 May 2017 08:05 PM
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