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            How to create Silver and Gold CREST projects on FluidReview

            To sign up for Silver and Gold projects go to and create an account.

            Creating a project can be done by a student or educator, or by an organisation. 

            Once you have activated your account, log in and you will be taken to this dashboard:

            Select your Award level and click the 'Create Entries' button.

            You will be shown a menu displaying the different rounds you will need to complete.
            You need to complete all these rounds before you can pay for your Awards and submit for assessment.

            Tell us about your project
            In the 'Tell us about your project' round, fill in the fields with information for your project.
            Check your spelling as the project title and other information will appear on the certificate.

            If the project is being completed through an accredited scheme, e.g. a Nuffield placement, then select the relevant scheme from the drop down for '1.4 Are you working with any of these accredited schemes or resources'.

            Tell us about yourself/ Tell us about your CREST Award group
            In the next round, you will be asked to enter information about yourself (if you are a student) or your students (if you are an educator).
            Only the questions with asterisks are compulsory, but filling in the other fields helps us show the impact and reach of CREST Awards.

            Please make sure your delivery address is correct.

            Upload your work
            In this round, you will be asked to upload your project.
            For information on file types and sizes see our article, "Uploading your students' work".

            Please do not include any personal details other than your name. If you include a photo make sure you have the appropriate permissions from everyone included in the photo.

            Make sure to include your student(s) profile and evidence of project work.
            We advise for videos that you include a link rather than directly uploading it.
            The panel on the right shows the compatible file types.

            Once you have uploaded your project you will be asked for payment information. Payment is required before your project can be submitted. You can pay in an number of different ways, such as card or invoice, or by applying a voucher:

            Once payment has been received you can submit your project for assessment. 
            Before submitting, it's worth double checking to ensure the correct documents have been uploaded.
            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 05:13 PM
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