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            I’m leaving my current organisation, how do I hand over my projects?

            Discovery and Bronze projects

            If you are using your CREST account to manage CREST projects, you can transfer your account to a new owner. 

            From the CREST menu, go to Account settings. 

            Change the name and email address to the ones for the new project owner. Make sure you give them your account password too!

            The new project owner will get an email so they can verify their address. Once they’ve done this, they can log in to the CREST account and manage the projects you created. 

            Silver, Gold, Star and SuperStar

            You can transfer your FluidReview account to a new owner. 

            Go to Account settings, and update the name and email as needed to reflect the new owner of the account. Make sure you give the new owner your account password too. 

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 06:15 PM
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