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            I have lots of Bronze/Discovery projects and don't want to have to do multiple uploads and checkouts

            Currently it is not possible to do multiple project uploads or checkouts, however there are a couple of ways you can consider to make using the website more efficient.

            If you have lots of different project titles, try using a more general one for them all
            An example of this would be 'Year 7 Discovery Day' - not only does this mean you can do one upload for the entire year, your students will have certificates that show they all took part in one big event. N.B. you cannot use this tactic for Silver or Gold Awards, as projects must be assessed individually.

            If you have lots of invoices, get us to make a multi-project one
            Request your invoices. Once they have been sent to you Contact CREST Support to ask for one overall invoice. You will need to quote your project IDs.

            Use auto-fill when checking out
            Auto fill should be able to save the information for your delivery (and invoicing) address. Use this to speed up the checkout process.

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