At Home: How do I assess a Bronze project?

At Home: How do I assess a Bronze project?

CREST Bronze requires children to demonstrate skills including problem-solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication. To achieve a Bronze Award, your child should record the work done on their project in a CREST Bronze workbook.

Before you begin the assessment, you will need to upload a sample of your child's work for moderation. Learn more here.

Assessing the project

To assess a Bronze project you simply need to look at the work completed by the child, and check which of the Bronze CREST criteria they have met. If they have filled in the CREST Bronze Workbook used one of our CREST Bronze project ideas, then it is likely that they have met the criteria. You can use the Bronze Parent Guide to help you.

Assessing Bronze projects in your CREST account

Before you begin the assessment, you will need to upload a sample of your students work for moderation. We ask for the work of 10% of your students. E.g. if you have 10 students or less, upload 1 student's work. If you have 20 students, upload 2 students' work, etc.

Complete 'Tell us about your project' and 'Upload student work' to start the assessment. There you will see the fifteen CREST assessment criteria. Tick the boxes for criteria that have been met. You will need to confirm that students have completed 10 hours of project work, and have met at least 11 of the 15 criteria.

Have questions about your assessment? Contact CREST Support.

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