CREST Accreditation - The process

CREST Accreditation - The process

CREST accreditation is on pause until December 2022. If you have any questions, please contact

This article is suitable for those who know they would like to have their resource/activity accredited, and want to know more about the process involved.

If you want to know more about what accreditation is, have a look at this article.

How does the CREST accreditation process work?

  • Decide which award level you think your resource/activity is suited to here.
  • We will provide the accreditation application form and can answer any questions about filling this out.
  • Let us know when you have completed the form. We aim to have all forms reviewed within a month (but expect a much faster turn around).
  • If you are successful in having your resource/activity accredited we will provide our logo, guidelines on its use, and the terms of the accreditation.
  • Going forward - we will touch base yearly to ensure your activity is still suited to CREST and that you have up to date information, logos etc.

What are the benefits of CREST Accreditation?

  • A framework and project management tool for STEM schemes/activities
  • Enhanced credibility for the scheme/activity, from the positive brand reputation of CREST among teachers and educators.
  • Inclusion of a link to the resource/activity on the CREST partner resource page, accessible from the CREST resource library.

  • Enhanced reputation for collaboration and a ‘joined-up’ offer for schools among stakeholders 
  • More opportunities for young people participating in scheme/activity to access regional, national & international events and prizes 

  • Progression opportunities for young people participating in the scheme/activity to take their interest in STEM further using the higher levels of the CREST framework 
  • Increased impact for the resource, including reach and benefits for those who take part. 
  • Access to the CREST logo, opportunity to use the logo to market your resource/activity as CREST accredited 

Ready to start the accreditation process? Email or submit a request on the Help Centre.

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