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            How do I assess a Bronze project?

            CREST Bronze requires students to demonstrate skills including problem-solving, independent learning, organisation, teamwork, and communication.

            To achieve a Bronze Award, each student should record the work done on their project either in a CREST Bronze workbook or in a separate project report accompanied by a CREST Bronze Student Profile. 

            You can download both the workbook and the Student Profile from the project page.

            Assessing the project and requesting certificates 

            We recommend that the person doing the assessment isn’t the same person who supervised the students in their project work. 

            You should review students' project work and decide which students have met the assessment criteria and have achieved their CREST Bronze Awards. 

            Assessing Bronze projects in your CREST account

            Go to the project page to start the assessment.

            Before you begin the assessment, you will need to upload a sample of your students work for moderation. We ask for the work of 10% of your students. E.g. if you have 10 students or less, upload 1 student's work. If you have 20 students, upload 2 students' work, etc.

            Learn more about uploading your students’ work

            View our educator guide for Bronze by creating a My CREST account and downloading the guide.

            The guide includes additional information on running activities and assessing your students’ work, with guidance on what to look for during the assessment.

            Have questions about your assessment? Contact CREST Support.

            Updated: 28 Mar 2019 05:00 PM
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